What our clients say

At Mindwell we love what we do but even better than that is getting great feedback from the clients we work with.

“Thanks for such an excellent session. We’ve had lots of positive comments!”

Manawatu District Council

“This was a very interesting training course. I learnt a lot about myself and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop to others. A very interesting topic and some really good examples given to make it relevant.”

Placemakers – Auckland

“Really good content and so relevant to our organisation and workplace. Jordan is a great facilitator and used fantastic examples. He is a very funny story teller and encouraged a great amount of participation and discussion too. I was completely engaged through the whole day.”

Ford New Zealand – Auckland

“Very interactive, informative and an interesting workshop. The delivery kept me engaged the whole time, with everyone participating and sharing. Great knowledge – great course.”

Placemakers – Hamilton

“This is the training I have ever had in this area. There were a lot of takeaways for me. This course exceeded my expectations! It was a v very engaging presentation – honest, with lots of laughs. I am so glad I came to this session! The use of humour was magnificent as it kept the audience attentive and did not detract – indeed it added in getting important messages across. Best presenter and content I’ve seen in a very long time – Excellent!”

Naylor Love

“Thank you for an excellent course and the sharing of such knowledge! I found it so useful on a personal level, very informative, and thought provoking.This training was very worthwhile and enjoyable and I think everyone needs to talk and become more aware of mental health. I want all my staff to attend this!”

Napier City Council

“This training was great in creating good awareness and to help our team to recognise signs from people who are struggling. The facilitator created a great safe place to talk with good open and honest conversation in the room. We all felt heard, understood and able to contribute.”

Te Ohomai – Tauranga

“Exceptional delivery of the course!  The facilitator was very knowledgeable and used his expertise using both national and international examples/resources. I loved the interaction and the role plays. Before attending the training, I thought I knew quite a lot about this sort of thing – but I actually think I knew nothing! I learned so much!”

Pulse Energy – Auckland

“Your facilitator was great. He read the room and seemed to adjust his delivery and presentation style accordingly. This made us feel more comfortable to then understand, relate and digest the information effectively. Thank you Mindwell for a great training workshop.”

Kuhne + Nagel

“Very informative and useful, good overview and awareness raiser. I really enjoyed it.”

J & R Contracting

“A very good course and a great topic to discuss. Even though it was only an hour, the presenter encouraged participation and everyone was really engaged.”

Electrix – Palmerston North

“Jordan came across really well, and obviously really knows his stuff. It was engaging, and the content delivery clear and effective. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this session.”

Fulton Hogan – Auckland

“Jordan was enthusiastic and engaging. The session made me think and look to create a change to improve my wellbeing. Thank you.”

Rotary Club – Auckland

“A very interesting training session with some excellent insights into how to cope with our own and others mental health. I highly recommend this workshop!”


“This training was an excellent learning opportunity in mental health and wellbeing. Very easy to remain engaged.”

NZ King Salmon

“A great session, well presented and really engaging. Just what we needed – it really hit the bulls-eye.”

ETCO – Auckland

“Very engaging and informative. Fantastic delivery! Best workshop I have ever attended.”

Varda Academy – Auckland

“Attending this course has given me a much better insight on mental health. Your facilitator really knew his stuff. The content was delivered in an articulate and engaging manner and Jordan was open for debate. I learnt a lot of new ideas and gained knowledge with regards to how to manage staff with mental health issues. This was very very interesting and really helpful. I want to do it again!! This should be
taught to all managers across all work sectors. So helpful!”

AFFCO – Auckland

“This has been so useful! The information today will help me with colleagues, friends, family and my own mental health – for life! Engaging and practical – THANK YOU.”

Pulse Energy – Auckland

“Very relevant topics covered in an engaging way. I found the workshop very useful and will definitely consider what I have learned when putting these skills to practical use. It was very enjoyable and engaging! Loved the energy! A good combination between learning and humour.”

Kuhne + Nagel – Auckland

“Fantastic course and really engaging. Very well put together! It was good to upskill to support others, but also to identify it in ourselves. The presenter was fantastic, with a great mixture of knowledge and humour. He made the course relevant and easy to understand. Great delivery!”

Airways Corporation – Auckland

“I had been struggling with my own mental health for years and didn’t realise how bad it had got until sitting in the seminar.  As a result I was able to get help, speak to a colleague and to our operations manager who helped me with a plan to get back on my feet. She has checked in with me regularly and I have been able to be open about my journey within our department. So thanks so much for your work, it’s made a huge difference in my life and in our department!”

Operations Administrator – Auckland

“Thank you for organising our recent presentation – it was one of the best presentations I have been to. The facilitator spoke openly and freely and did not need to refer to notes. She provided us with theory, statistics, research, and some practical exercises which kept me completely engaged throughout the whole presentation. She was both professional and friendly.

It was both a refresher and I learnt new things also. What I liked most about the presentation is how the facilitator connected with the group. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.”

Shona Hickey – Christchurch City Council