Post-holiday blues are a very real issue for some, getting back into work ode when one still wants to be on holiday, can be a bigger challenge than would be expected!

Post-holiday blues can produce a general decrease in the feeling of wellbeing and productivity and can cause unrest, discomfort and mild depression.

So what can we do to get back into the groove and start bouncing out of bed again?

Plan your holiday so you have a day or two at home before going back to work. This will help your body clock readjust if you have changed time zones and it will give you time to start appreciating your home environment again.

Resume (or start!) your exercise regime again. We know exercise releases endorphins, which will help fight the depression.

Plan things to look forward to, this gives us hope and looking forward it always more uplifting than looking back. This planning may include your next holiday, a mini break or simply a little pampering for your soul. The pampering for the soul is whatever we love doing: fishing, a massage, a night out, whatever pushes your button!

Reassess where you are and what you are doing; are these the right things to get you to where you want to be? If they are not moving you towards a goal, do you need to start a course, pick up an old hobby?

Do you need to put some energy into improving your health and wellbeing? What does this look like; does it include a healthier diet, regular and sustainable exercise, addressing mental health issues?

If you need to start exercising and have not done regular exercise for a while, start slow and regular, find something which you enjoy and get it to become a habit. It is difficult to keep it up if you do not enjoy it and if you listen to the self-talk of excuses, allow it to become a habit.

An inspiring and stimulating work life can help to get over the blues and give back that spring in your step. Likewise a good home life can add fun and stability, are these both in balance?

The New Year is a great time to reassess and to grow, make sure there are things to look forward to, start planning and implementing good habits, these will help combat the blues, 2019 is looking great!