We all know that Christmas comes on the 25th December every year, it should never be a surprise! So why do we get to the beginning of December and people want this done ant that completed ‘by Christmas’ when they have had all year to do it but all of a sudden it becomes really important?

When we actually finish work for Christmas, after having worked 12+ hour days to get the jobs done ‘before Christmas’ the chances of not being stressed, fatigued and generally grumpy are slim, then we have to travel – often to see or stay with people who we choose to not spend time with any other time of the year – why do we do this to ourselves?

It doesn’t end there though does it – what about all the extra expense that we have pressure on us to endure? Presents, hams, guests, holidays, hungry kids when they walk past an ice cream shop or a pizza parlour?

With our busy lifestyles we often spend only a few hours of a day with our partners and kids then the holidays hit us and oh my goodness it is now 24/7 – this can be quite stressful as well – especially in a 6x3 tent with it raining outside!!!

All these stresses are tough on relationships not to mention our own sense of wellbeing hence why Christmas is the busiest time of the year for our social counselling services.

What shall we do to reduce the pressure and increase the pleasure of Christmas?

Taking time to sit back and think – ‘do I really need to do that?’ is the first big step, do we need that ham and crayfish for Christmas day or would a fun picnic be more memorable?

Do we need to buy all those expensive presents – can we give experiences which don’t cost much and can we do Secret Santa where instead of buying 10 presents for the nieces and nephews everyone just buys 1 present for one niece or nephew – a whole lot cheaper and a whole lot less stressful.

It is easy to forget the things which keep us well – our sense of gratitude for the people and environment around us, the regular exercise which keeps us feeling on top of things, having money in our bank account! Spending time with the important people in our lives who lift us up and don’t drag us down. 

Take time to think of ways we can make this Christmas break memorable for all the right reasons.  

Take care out there and best wishes for 2019 from the team at Mindwell