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Mental Health Training For Your Staff

In recent weeks there have been some alarming reports regarding the mental health crisis in New Zealand. Anyone can experience poor mental health – it is estimated to impact more than 50% of all New Zealanders at some stage in their lives.One of the most...

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Bringing mental health out of the closet (CASE STUDY)

It is so refreshing to hear people talking about Mental Health and things we can do to keep ourselves well. Businesses are starting to realise that helping staff to keep well has huge positive impacts on the workforce, the culture and the bottom line.It...

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How much does Depression cost our business?

One in six New Zealanders will experience serious depression at some time in their life, so statistically, if we employ 60 staff we can expect that 10 of them will experience serious depression at some stage of their life.Unfortunately there is still a...

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Mental Health and your Team

Mental health is slowing losing its ‘elephant in the room’ status, with conversations and education helping to acknowledge this common health issue. Only this week there is a news article about the male macho culture in the construction industry being ‘less than ideal...

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Got the post-holiday blues?

Post-holiday blues are a very real issue for some, getting back into work ode when one still wants to be on holiday, can be a bigger challenge than would be expected!Post-holiday blues can produce a general decrease in the feeling of wellbeing and...

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