Mindwell is a collaboration between Lifecare Consultants and EAPworks who have joined forces to create a new venture delivering high-quality training to improve mental health in the workplace.

In New Zealand each year 1 in 5 adults will experience a mental health event, yet for many people awareness of the problem of mental health issues is extremely low.  Mindwell are acutely aware of the need for good workplace mental health awareness and have developed training packages that will improve mental health in the workplace, providing participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify early stage mental health issues such as the onset of depression, anxiety, stress or substance misuse.

The motivation for Life Care Consultants  and EAPworks to partner was to leverage on the extensive knowledge and expertise both compnaies held in mental health in general. Both companies have been operating and serving their clients for many years, and at the very first meeting bopth aprties sould see the two companies’ core values were well aligned.

Both organisations are leaders in their specialist fields ­– Life Care Consultants in industry-specific training focused on employee health and wellness, and EAPworks with a proven track record of changing lives and transforming organisations to support a healthy and productive workplace. EAPworks provides in-person and telephone counselling, coaching, crisis management, work/life resources, wellness programmes, as well as organisational development.

Mindwell’s core purpose is: 

To enhance mental wellbeing in the workplace through partnerships built on trust and integrity.


20% of NZ adults are affected by some form of mental disorder each year 

50% are affected by some form of mental disorder in their lifetime

Mental disorders are the third leading cause of health loss in NZ


20% of people with be diagnosed with DEPRESSION 

10% of people with be diagnosed with ANXIETY

1% of people with be diagnosed with SCHIZOPHRENIA

FREE Consultation

Contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation of your companies mental health systems and training processes to uncover areas of improvement and discuss what we can do for you.


Our Mental Health training programmes can be tailored to your individual company and industry requirements and delivered at either your place of work or ours.

When delivered at your place of work this course is customised to your industry and/or workplace. Or, for smaller companies we offer regular public courses at our offices and training centres.


Help staff recognise signs and symptoms of someone experiencing mental health issues and teach them possible approaches on how to make a response to help their co-workers.

Good workplace mental health awareness is associated with improved staff engagement, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, improved morale and higher job satisfaction.

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