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to recognise the signs and symptoms of someone struggling!

in your workplace!

Health and wellbeing are critical factors in achieving a high–performing, productive workplace. Creating a workplace culture that promotes good mental health, where people can flourish and be their best, benefits both the individual and the workplace. 

The team at Mindwell work with organisations across multiple sectors and industries, helping equip staff with the knowledge, confidence and skills to know how to recognise and respond to someone who is struggling with their mental health.

We offer a consultative approach for your industry and all of our training courses are interactive, practical and engaging. We work closely with you to develop scenario-based training and case studies relevant to your workplace and then help your staff apply the knowledge and skills they learn in a realistic and safe learning environment.

Mindwell has developed mental health and wellbeing training packages to help improve mental health in your workplace. All of our courses are delivered nationwide by qualified and experienced professionals. 


One Hour Mental Health Seminar

Mental Health 101

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Building Resilience

Caring For Yourself and Others Post Incident

Resilience and Stress Management in Times of uncertainty

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“It’s made a huge difference in my life”

“I’d been struggling with my own mental health for years and hadn’t realised how bad it had got until sitting in the seminar.  As a result I was able to get help, speak to a colleague and to our operations manager who helped me with a plan to get back on my feet. She has checked in with me regularly and I have been able to be open about my journey within our department.

Thanks so much for your work, it’s made a huge difference in my life and in our department!”

  • Operations Administrator – Auckland

“The facilitator connected with the group”

“Thank you for organising our recent presentation. It was one of the best presentations I have been to. The facilitator was professional, friendly and spoke openly and freely. She provided us with theory, statistics, research, and practical exercises which kept me completely engaged throughout the whole presentation.

It was both a refresher and I learnt new things, but what I liked most about the presentation is how the facilitator connected with the group. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.”

  • Shona Hickey – Christchurch City Council

“Insightful and engaging workshop”

“A really insightful and engaging workshop that was relevant and practical. The presenter was just great and fostered a high level of engagement. I really appreciated the passion and inspiration!”

  • Placemakers – Wellington

“Everyone was engaged and given lots of opportunity to contribute”

“The Mindwell facilitator came across very well, sharp, snappy and very knowledgeable. Everyone was engaged, given lots of opportunity to contribute. Well done Mindwell!”

  • Fulton Hogan – Auckland

“Such an effective use of our time”

“Your course was such an effective use of our time. The delivery was clear and effective, and the facilitator made it so easy to stay engaged throughout the day. Highly recommended!”

  • Team Leader – Hamilton City Council

“It was great good to upskill to support others, but also to identify it in ourselves”

“Fantastic course and really engaging. Very well put together!  It was good to upskill to support others, but also to identify it in ourselves.  The presenter was fantastic, with a great mixture of knowledge and humour.  He made the course relevant and easy to understand. Great delivery!”

  • Airways Corporation – Auckland

“This has been so useful!”

“This has been so useful!  The information today will help me with colleagues, friends, family and my own mental health – for life!  Engaging and practical – THANK YOU.”

  • Pulse Energy – Auckland

“Best workshop I’ve ever attended”

“Very engaging and informative. Fantastic delivery! Best workshop I’ve ever attended.”

  • Varda Academy – Auckland

“Clear and effective information”

“Clear and effective information delivered by a great tutor.”

  • AFFCO – Auckland

“Will definitely consider what I have learned when putting these skills to practical use”

“Very relevant topics covered in an engaging way. I found the workshop very useful and will definitely consider what I have learned when putting these skills to practical use. It was very enjoyable and engaging! Loved the energy! A good combination between learning and humour.”

  • Kuhne + Nagel – Auckland

“Just what we needed”

“A great session, well presented and really engaging.  Just what we needed – it really hit the bullseye.”

  • ETCO Auckland

“Excellent learning opportunity”

“An excellent learning opportunity in mental health and wellbeing. Very easy to remain engaged.”

  • NZ King Salmon

“Excellent insights into how to deal with our own and others mental health”

“A very interesting workshop with some excellent insights into how to cope with our own and others mental health.  I highly recommend this workshop!”

  • Trustpower Ltd


20% of NZ adults are affected by some form of mental disorder each year 

50% are affected by some form of mental disorder in their lifetime

Mental disorders are the third leading cause of health loss in NZ


20% of people with be diagnosed with DEPRESSION 

10% of people with be diagnosed with ANXIETY

1% of people with be diagnosed with SCHIZOPHRENIA